Who is a COVID Sapien. What is the Future Bringing?

Anyone affected by this disease is now a COVID Sapien

It has changed the world

What is the future bringing? 

It all depends on which country or government or party or business entity takes the worst or best advantage of COVID.

Yes, the huge multi-national, global businesses, Internet and Social Media Platforms are just like governments. They often influence the world.

And like governments, big business desires to influence the world. We as voters cannot vote them out. They are world influencers with no controls or restrictions. No wonder they act like gods. 

Worst and Best 'advantage' is a point of view, not any type of fact or absolute. Cultures and Peoples can look at the same event and feel great, or be devastated. Take any human-made (and many natural) disaster and you will find groups of people who benefited and enjoyed it, along with those who suffered and hated it.

Point of view.

Governments have agendas and ideologies: points of views. Socialism, Capitalism, Communism, Progressive Socialism. Dictatorships, Kingdoms, Military Rule. Within those larger groups are smaller groups: call them left right and center, regardless of country. 

All points of view - just powerful points of view.

The biggest businesses in the world with vast influences are nothing but various points of views, sometimes from corporate culture and bias, but more and more, from one of the few; one of the richest people of the world. 

The world has never - until now - had businesses so big they become global governments in themselves.

Cultures and Peoples are the last to influence.

That does not mean the peoples are not powerful. It does mean that it takes a longer time for 50 or 100 or 500 million, or a billion, people to all agree on the same thing and decide to make a change.

Cultures and Peoples prefer NOT to change. They prefer to live peacefully. Their group agenda is not to gain power or take over the world. They want to earn a peaceful and honest living. Raise a family, grow old, and die well (in a good way).

Culture and Peoples change only when their world, personal or global, is threatened.

It takes a global event. WWI and WWII, for examples.

Like the companies advertising all their products, always including COVID Safety and Health and how they care, vying for the customer, governments will vie for supremacy; they already are and have been since January 2020. 

COVID is a Global Event. Cultures and Peoples have been forced to adapt and change.

The big players in the world know this and are working hard to gain influence and power, globally.

It is the nature of powerful entitles: governments, businesses and people to look for opportunities and seize advantage.

Global Events Change the World

We are ALL COVID Sapiens

We should all be looking to see how the world is being changed and what government is gaining. Global events often realign the governments and influences - very quickly.

This COVID Sapien feels the Chinese Communist Party has taken the lead in taking advantage, and disagrees.

"China's Official Vicious Infectious Disease" is a protest of the CCP.

NEVER about people - ALWAYS about the CCP - That's why it's OFFICIAL

"COVID Sapien" is the subtle way of saying we have all been forced to become this new species. Wearing masks, no social contact, keeping distance. Worried and suspicious of others. Forced to be less Human. Even with vaccines, we still social distance like never before. Don't let this fear be the first step to allowing those in power to claim more power. Protest Persistently and Peacefully - the new "PPP"

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