A few words on Politicians & Presidents


What kind of President does the US need? 

We all know the story of which body part is the boss.

Brain said it did all the thinking & decision making. Heart said it pumped the life blood & held the compassionate soul. Stomach said it provided all the energy.

Rectum chimed in: “I am the Boss” Brain, Heart & Stomach laughed & laughed.

Rectum said nothing but closed up (you might say tariffs were imposed)

After a couple of days, Stomach got ‘queasy’; Heart started palpitating; Brain got foggy & confused. All agreed the Rectum was the boss!

The old saying goes: This proves you do not have to be smart or compassionate or full of energy to be the boss – you just have to be an asshole!

I am sure we have all had bosses like that.

But what if you are smart and compassionate and full of energy, but you are also an asshole?  What does that make you?

Easy answer: Any US President past or present.

Negotiating with Communist China & Russia, terrorists states like Iran, dictators like North Korea, & all other countries including UK, France, Germany, Mexico, Israel - they all mean you are dealing with a bunch of assholes. They would not be the bosses of their countries otherwise!

There are no "nice" leaders of state. No dictator was ever compassionate. "Nice" people do not go to war or terrorize.

It takes an asshole to deal with an asshole. The difference for the US is we try and get all the good things right: being smart & using compassion, having the energy & drive to follow thru on promises made or agreements ratified.

But you must remain an asshole to deal effectively with other, bigger (Iran, North Korea, etc.) assholes. If you are not, then you & your country get walked on.

All presidents and politicians are assholes to some degree or another. In fact, all people are at some time in their lives. There are no living angels.

It is only a matter of degree.

Seriously, pick any member of Congress. Ask yourself if that person is an asshole. Now we know why their approval rating is so low ;)

And remember that the House & Senate are the main 'pools' for future Presidential candidates!

You could argue that we had the biggest asshole of all past presidents in office until November 2020 election. You might be right. Now we have Biden, a frail old man who is not fit to stand trial, but is just fine to be a Puppet President. He does what he is told & yells loud. He is the proverbial dog whose bark is worse than its bite.

Or it might be that President Trump is just the loudest & most skilled with Social Media, Twitter (X) Truth Social, etc. and he crosses media lines most of us would not. Not the biggest asshole, just the most public.

Drawing & Crossing Political lines is exactly what US Presidents do - the sole power to do so for our country & we choose that person every four years with our votes.

Obama had a "Red" line that got crossed. The US lost respect over that.

Obama was not a big enough asshole that time. But Obama was still an asshole - it is a job requirement. Only the best (not necessarily the biggest) assholes get to be US President.


Biden is not a good asshole. He is just not competent enough to be taken seriously.


You have to decide if you like how our country is doing under the current asshole compared to the asshole in charge from 2016 to 2020.

Are we getting along better or worse with all the other world leader assholes?

Are we making treaties and trade agreements that benefits the US while still playing 'nice' with all the other assholes?

Are our Borders secure? Are we safe in our homes? Do we have more or less money in our pockets after the government is done picking them?

Are we doing all of that better than the current US president (asshole)?

In 2020, beyond the great economy, low unemployment rate in all groups & with wages rising, among many other accomplishments, you still may not like our former President Trump.

If Presidents are, and have been assholes, it only makes sense that at no time will all people agree with the policies or the personality. Trump gives back better than the hits he takes. He is a counter puncher. Biden does not know he is in the ring.

Which asshole will get the most done for our country from 2024 forward?

Which asshole will you vote for?

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