COVID Comments

Human touch is important. That has been taken away or at least severely curtailed.

We liked shaking hands. Not so big on bumping elbows ;)

We all intensely dislike wearing a mask!

Wearing a COVID mask makes me feel better about wearing any mask.

Seeing a new 'Specimen' posting makes me smile.

Local Post Office - Jan 15. Closed until further notice. COVID affects us all - all the time.

Banking, Accounting, Doctor - by appointment only. And many take your temperature before letting you in the door

The worst thing after her mother died in March 2020 of cancer was not being able - and still unable - to hug a friend. The first Christmas after a loved one passes is always hard. How much harder it must be with little / no physical compassion.

We miss going to church / worship services.

We miss going to parties, concerts, theatre shows & plays, sporting events.

We miss being able to see people smile.

Weirdly, we miss school, and the sports and other activities schools provide.

Many of us miss going to work.

We are glad 2020 is over, but we missed Spring and graduation. We missed the Summer events and goings-on with clubs, camps, sports and all activities we lost in 2020. We missed the fall gatherings and the winter holidays.

It would be nice to find what you are looking for in the super market instead of signs saying short supply and limited quantities.

The price of everything is UP! Thanks CCP!

We missed taking our family vacation, or any vacation.

We missed family gatherings at birthdays, Easter, July 4, Memorial Day, :Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Many more Holidays were missed in many more countries.

If you agree with the Message, you have to ask yourself; do you have the balls, gonads, backbone, courage, spine, nerve, pluck, cheek, valor, boldness, fearlessness, or whatever other adjective you feel applies. Then decide to support and promote, or ignore and remain ignorant.

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