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Dear US Senators, US Congress Members, and State Senators,

The pandemic has changed the world. COVID may have been created in a lab. It may have been released thru accident or with purpose. We may never know as the Chinese Communist Party has shut the doors on independent investigation of the lab and data. The variants will likely be controlling our medical, social, financial, and political lives for many years.

Governments and political party’s all over the world have used COVID to gain, solidify, and keep power. In the US, the biased media and DNC used COVID to leverage the 2020 presidential and other national elections. The 2022 election cycle is almost upon us.

The CCP’s 100 year-plan to be the #1 world power jumped forward by leaps and bounds when the CCP left their 2020 international flights open, while locking down their citizens in cities. It is never the people of China; it is the government of China. Citizens do not design and execute 100-year-plans or 1,000-year Reich’s. Only governments and global companies hatch generational schemes of international power.

There is always a struggle for world power. It seems we are always “on the brink”. Just different faces at the heads of governments.

I strongly feel our basic freedoms are at risk in the near future. I am sure many, maybe most, of you agree.

Take the COVID Quiz.

Is this a Vicious Infectious Disease?

Did it originate in China?

Is (CCP) Chinese Communist Party’s ownership/response bad for the World?

Like many, you may be afraid to show your discontent. Cancel Culture and Far Left antagonists are doing their best to suppress free speech in America. The protest I am promoting is specific. You just have to have courage.

A recent COVID comment tells it all:

“If you agree with the message, ask yourself; do you have the balls, gonads, backbone, courage, daring, spine, nerve, pluck, cheek, valor, boldness, fearlessness, or whatever other adjective you feel applies. Then decide to support and promote, or ignore & remain ignorant.”

We should all protest COVID every day FEARLESSLY! The new “PPP” is a Personal, Persistent, Protest. But Peaceful.

COVID, as many democrats would say, is a crisis that should not go to waste. The 2020 election results show the DNC did not waste this crisis. They will certainly follow the success with more ‘leverage’ in 2022 and 2024

I hope our GOP elected officials have the courage to see the opportunity to take the Chinese Communist Party to task for all the injury they have caused in the past, and all the influence and harm they plan in the future. At the same time, protesting cancel culture and ‘wokeism’.

The CCP, WHO, and left leaning media are protecting their left leaning interests. Conservatives are losing ground. A strong protest can combat disinformation and unite right and left against a government (CCP), not a people.

In March 2020, a good friend of mine called me ‘racist and xenophobic’ for saying the disease was from Wuhan, China. I never knew geography was racist! Our relationship has been strained since.

I think the CCP “stepped in it” with this disease, and know it. That is why they are so defensive on all media / political fronts. Through repetition and propaganda, ‘news’ and social media have transformed the word “China” to mean the people, but not the Chinese Communist Party. Saying the disease comes from the country of China has been demonized, deplored, and abhorred, while letting the CCP slip by as an innocent in a crowd of 1.4 billion. That has been the Media Message: CCP=people. I disagree.

Isolated criminal and dangerous actions against Asians have been magnified by the media, driving a skewed message. Our protest message combats this misinformation campaign: “NEVER about the people – ALWAYS about the CCP. That’s why it’s OFFICIAL”.

The CCP has never been a friend to the world, much less the U.S. A few examples:

  • Used COVID to suppress free speech and election gatherings in Hong Kong, shutting down all demonstrations by preventing more than 3 people gathering at the same time (keep ‘em moving). CCP Military enforced as needed.
  • Influenced Taiwan during recent elections and in many other ways, always trying to annex this country they lay claim to.
  • In-country atrocities like Muslim and Christian persecutions are commonplace, but not reported by mainstream media.
  • Continues implementing “Belt & Road” strategy to become the #1 world power by 2049 (the old 100-year plan).
  • Using Huawei technology to gain critical control of information flows around the world, implementing “Smart Cities” on the mainland while installing 5G tech across the globe; getting ready to monitor/control 5G “Smart Cities” worldwide.
  • Environmental strategies that are bad for the world and put China in the top 2 or 3 of polluting countries.

Please see the enclosed 5x7 magnetic protest sign. If you agree with the message, please take a pic of the sign in use anywhere. Framed on an office desk, the senate or house floor, the water cooler 😉. Send to info@covidsapien.com

We will post in the gallery on the website along with those already there. Magnets come in 4 colors. Group shots are welcome!

If you decide to take action and support this protest, I hope part of that action will be to submit to your democrat counterparts and discuss. President Trump and President Biden too! A combined protest against the Chinese Communist Party cannot be ignored. Please pass the protest on to any groups in your circles of influence.

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2021 saw a mutation of the Homo Sapien species. We are all members of the new species, “COVID Sapien”. I hope we do not mutate again into the Chinese Communist Party’s end goal, “CCP Sapien”.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to a response to this letter. Any help or suggestions you can offer are appreciated. Would love to send some T’s to the next Trump Rally! Or your re-election rally in 2022 or 2024!

P.S. Masks may be optional now, but they make a GREAT protest message on the house floor and campaign trail!