Our Story

We all have a story. COVID has affected us all. No one is immune.

As citizens of the world, we all have a lot in common with each other. Black Communities, Latino Communities, Native American Communities, Asian, Indian, European, and Elder Communities. As peoples, we are together. As governments, we are separate.

We are all at higher risk for COVID complications. 

COVID has not brought us together. It has FORCED us together - into one little box called Social Distancing. We all need out 'space'. But we all also crave closeness - when we want it - on our own terms. 

That has been taken away and we may never get it back.

The Chinese Communist Party and the WHO insisted on using the COVID acronym. COVID Sapien offers a different, more explicit meaning for the letters, hoping all people of the world will agree and join this protest of the disease and the government responsible for the lightning fast world wide spread. Now there are the UK, Africa, Brazil, Delta and Omicron variants. But we still cannot call it the Original China or Wuhan China strain. It is not about the Chinese people; it is about the Chinese Communist Party and the government response. Control the message and you control the people. 

The CCP is not the World's friend. It is not even the Chinese people's friend. It is essentially a revolving dictatorship controlled by one 'lifetime president'. 

Like the disease, COVID Sapien does not discriminate against any people or country of origin. Apparel is made in many countries based on quality and price, including China, Honduras, and others. We are happy to support the industrious peoples of the world.

NEVER about people - ALWAYS about the CCP - That's why it's OFFICIAL

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