What does this new ‘Species’ Protest?

COVID Sapien takes issue with:
  • The Disease & the Chinese Communist Party government (not people) that instantly halted in-country travel, but allowed international travel and worldwide spread, & still prevents international on-site research.
  • The CCP’s use of COVID as an excuse to forcibly suppress pro-democracy demonstrations, the people of Honk Kong, and their right to 50 years of ‘one country two systems’ agreed to in 1997.
  • Despite hosting two Pandemics (COVID & SARS in 2003), the CCP still allows animal “wet” markets to function in the country. This is not a responsible “1st World” government response. It is a “3rd World” response. The actual source of COVID & SARS is still unknown. 

The Chinese Communist Party "Lose Face" every moment they deny responsibility. We can pressure them by protesting "In their Face"

    There may be a vaccine for COVID. Is there one for the CCP? 

    Does 5G + Huawei + CCP = Disaster for Democracy?




    It is NEVER about the people - it is ALWAYS about the CCP

    That's why it's Official

    Help the Chinese Communist Party 'Lose Face'

    Wear your 'PPP' Persistent & Peaceful Protest with pride!

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