Coal Pollution and Climate Change

Coal power plants worldwide as of January 2022, by country/territory

If China retired half of their coal fired power plants - that would solve 25% of our C02 / climate change issues – GLOBALLY

Hard-core climate change people should be protesting China. Coal pollution is said to be responsible for more than half our CO2 issues - world-wide. It would take EVERY other country in the world using coal to cut their production by half to achieve the same effect as China - one country - cutting their production by half.

Coal is the dirtiest fuel the world uses, but is the easiest to get to. Just find it and start digging. You don’t need wells. No pipelines needed to ship it - just trains, trucks - or even carts. It needs no special storage, just dump it, cover it and burn it.
Modern countries with the funds and technology need to stop using coal - even if it is replaced with oil or natural gas. We need to stop using the dirtiest fuel first then move on to the next dirtiest, which would be oil. We will always need multiple sources of energy. But we don't need the dirtiest if we have access to modern alternatives to replace coal at cost(s) the public will accept.

If the US could shut down all US coal use, we still need to figure out what to do with entire populations that live on coal mining. If the US mines it - there is only one use for it. We would not be able to ethically export coal. Any use of coal pollutes. So, all coal mining towns die off. Why live near the dirtiest fuel if you cannot do anything with it?
Is the cost of zero coal use/mining in the US to include supporting say, three generations of coal miners and their families? A payoff so they can move and find work elsewhere? 70% of US coal mining is in 5 states. Does the Federal government levy a tax to support these states? Shutting down an entire industry has a cost to the state as well. Wyoming would lose a huge percentage of all revenues. Any federal coal shutdown levy would need to support the state also. Are the other 90% of the states willing to essentially pay a forever tax so that coal is no longer an industry in these states? Maybe make Wyoming a Federal National Park where only solar, wind, livestock and crop farmers are allowed residence?
West Virginia might be absorbed by PA or Virginia or Ohio.

Coal mining percent of US production by state:
Wyoming 40.8%
West Virginia 12.6%
Pennsylvania 6.8%
Illinois 5.9%
North Dakota 4.9%

25% of the C02 / Climate Change problem is solved by China cutting it's existing coal plants by half - but they are actually building more - increasing the C02 and climate change issue.

What kind of pressures are climate change protesters and lobbyists putting on China and Congress to put pressure on China? Where is the Liberal Media screaming DAILY about China's abuses of our environment? If they could protest China and solve 25% of our world-wide C02 pollution problem – why aren’t they doing it?
Or are they all blind or bought?

Like a famous Dem said - "Never let a good crisis go to waste"

Protesting the disease is a good stepping stone to protesting ANY Chinese Communist Party harmful policies. Mistreatment of Muslims & Christians, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Belt & Road & 5G strategies, terrorizing their own populace. The list goes on, and China hides behind a false wall of "Goodwill" called the Olympics, while shutting down any inquiry into the virus origins or treatment of the populace.

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