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NO LIMIT - Help Spread the Word! NEVER about the people - ALWAYS about the CCP

Note: all masks are washable & double layered with a pocket to insert a third layer

Masks may be 'for the birds'. Now optional - but still make a great way to publicly protest.

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2021 - A New Species Emerges: COVID SAPIEN

NEVER about People - ALWAYS about the CCP

That's why it's OFFICIAL

Grass roots grow peacefully & quietly.

Don't let anger poison these grass roots.

Let’s keep it peaceful and persistent, without retreating or backing down.

It's NOT about the People of China, it IS about the OFFICIAL Government of China (CCP)

What does this New Species Protest?

Create your own COVID Sapien Specimen!

Send to
We will post tasteful 'specimens' to the Gallery!
Pet & Cool Car pics protesting are welcome ;)

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Specimen Submission Suggestions

S1: The Masked Specimen

S2: The Advertising Specimen

S3: Frosty the Snow Dog Specimen

Tasteful Submissions only Please

S4: Holly the Rabbit in Lockdown Specimen

S11: The Cool Car Specimen

Makes an old fan 'cool'

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Fire Door Safe

Dishwasher Safe!

Wash N Dry

Fridge Protest

Cocoa keeps Cool