Do you feel the disease is infectious and vicious:                       Yes or No

Do you feel the virus originated / started in China:                      Yes or No

Do you feel the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) official response has been bad:         Yes or No

The first question defines the disease. The second is just geography. The third is the somewhat controversial decider. Do your own research and decide if the CCP response was immoral, or strategically and purposefully executed, or even completely correct. Then choose: Yes or No.

It is not about the Chinese people; it is about the Chinese Communist Party and the government response. That’s why it’s “Official”.

There is no lack of CCP atrocities. A Wikipedia entry:

"Atrocities committed by the CCP

Actions such as forced deportations, massacres, torture, forced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, terror, ethnic cleansing, enslavement and the deliberate starvation of people such as the starvation which occurred during the Holodomor and the Great Leap Forward have been described as crimes against humanity."

That was one search and one paragraph: “CCP Atrocities”. There is lots of material to demonstrate CCP crimes. COVID is a major atrocity, but the CCP and the WHO have downplayed the CCP’s responsibility effectively. They even promoted calling the virus, “China virus” as racist, xenophobic and promoting violence against Chinese immigrants and Chinese communities. Geography is not racist. The Chinese Communist Party has legal (and illegal) fingers in a lot of governments, news media, social media, and publications all over the world, including the USA. COVID Sapien protests all of the CCP’s atrocities, not just how they use COVID to crush Hong Kong Democracy protests and dominate Taiwan. COVID Sapien is a public protest of the CCP and its actions, not just COVID – which is bad enough!

The CCP should have shut down animal wet markets long ago – the espoused source of both the SARS pandemic in 2003 and the COVID pandemic in 2020. Allowing these markets to continue as ‘cultural variants’ is a Third World response / tactic, not a First World responsible action. Why does the world put up with this obvious deception from the second most powerful government in the world!

The CCP has done real damage to the world and is planning bad things for democracy – worldwide. Look at their 100-year plan and  “Belt & Road” initiative. Look at their use of supercomputers, 5G, and Huawei to literally wire cities in China to watch and record citizens 24-7 on city wide cameras, and track every movement through GPS on portable devices. The CCP is implementing the same big-brother network in one German city, which also happens to be an end railway hub for their “Road” in Europe. Protest! Help the CCP lose ‘Face’, lose prestige, and lose power in the world.

The CCP will absolutely NOT respect any of your rights.

If you have been affected by the disease, you're already a COVID Sapien. We all are. The questions are: Do you like what has happened? & What to do?

As one COVID Comment quips:

If you agree with the Message, you have to ask yourself; do you have the balls, gonads, backbone, courage, spine, nerve, pluck, cheek, valor, boldness, fearlessness, or whatever other adjective you feel applies. Then decide to support and promote, or ignore and remain ignorant.

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