Specimen Submission Suggestions

Some specimen suggestions: Tasteful, humorous, inventive submissions welcome!

Dog of your choice

Cat of your choice

Rabbit or another pet

Musical instrument Specimen – must have a person or animal.

Holiday Specimen – any holiday, any culture, any country.

The any car (antique or otherwise) owner Specimen.

Soccer Mom Specimen – tote bags for sure. There is no requirement you actually be a soccer mom, just pose like one.

The Motorcycle Guy, Gal or any gender.

Bird of your choice

The Bicycle Specimen

The Weird Meal Specimen

Married Life


School – remote learning or in class.

Cool Kid - wearing hat backwards

Big Mask – weird mask, another mask, under COVID mask

Cleaning house, vacuuming, disinfecting

Lawn mow and maintenance.

Snow blowing, shoveling

Taking out the trash, recycle

Bicycle, Moped

Say Message (SAPIEN)    Shout Message (OFFICIAL)

Don’t be Silenced Specimen


Been Called Racist / Xenophobic? Educate the Ignorant

What is the Chinese Grass Roots Movement: Lying Flat or Tang Ping?

Coal Pollution and Climate Change

Lithium Batteries, the next Eco-disaster

Our Plastic Dilemma

Our Story – COVID Sapien

What does this new ‘Species’ protest?

Who is a COVID Sapien?

Where does COVID Sapien fit in History?

An Essay on Politicians and Presidents

A Fair and Viable Solution to Roe vs Wade

COVID Comments